Arquetipos Amatorios del Plumaje de un Colibrí. 2017


Arquetipos Amatorios del Plumaje de un Colibrí by the artist Agustín Santoyo, in which he interprets and projects his erotic soul in a tarot card that composes in this series of 20 engravings intervened on amate paper and large format interventions; Between patterns, native American symbology and a language of color inspired by the Tarot of Marseilles is immersed in a voyage of reflection and autobiographical amatory mysticism, where the soul and matter talk as two sides of the same coin. With a self-portrait inspired by LE Mat (the madman) Santoyo undertakes a new series of work and a new way: two looks of a future and a future that seem to guard, while a madman with ayoyotes of dancer and closed eyes advances confident and sure , Where are your steps directed? [1] [1] Anna Nin



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