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Leticia Vieyra (Ensenada, B.C.N. México) makes her work with natural materials collected from different places that show the effects of the pass of time: sheets about to disintegrate, parts of trees, dried branches, roots, seeds… She intervenes them subtly highlighting its organic texture, its fragility or strength, its simplicity or complexity; she assembles them with fabricated materials such as paper, metals and resins, placing the resulting work on the limit between found art and created object. Her work stems from a methodic, affective admiration of nature from which she extracts an aesthetic sense. Besides being an artist, she has a medical formation that follows into an assessment of biological processes and the knowledge of human intervention in them. So her work is also presented as an aesthetic meditation on “the organic” and its most immediate connotations: life, nature, harmony, performance. Through compositions, installations, prints and assemblages, the artist builds “hybrid objects” where a complex play of duality takes place: plastic and vegetable, cultural and natural, ephemeral and perennial. In words of the artist: “I think the action of creating art pieces with them transforms these materials apparently insignificant into pieces for contemplation and integrates into a single work of art the principle of life: destruction and rebirth.”


Leticia Vieyra

Birth Place: Ensenada, B.C.N. Mexico


1988-1991 National School of Plastic Arts
National Autonomous University of Mexico.
1992-1993 National School of Plastic Arts.
National Autonomous University of Mexico.
Master of Visual Arts
Leticia Vieyra graduated in Medicine with a specialty in Pediatrics by the National Autonomous University of Mexico.


1992 “From the Caves to the Cabinet Room of the Centre Nezahualcoyotl
Cultural Universitario
1993 ‘Light Rooted’ Antiguo Palacio de Minería
1994 “Rituals of the Earth ‘Academia de San Carlos
1994 “Travelling Rituals” Copilco Metro Station
1995 ‘Ritual, Land’ Universidad Iberoamericana
1996 ‘of bark and leaf litter’ Escuela Nacional de Artes P.
1997 ‘of bark and leaf litter Zapata Subway
1997 ‘Sample Arteobjeto-Jewelry “Pladi Polanco Gallery
1997 ‘of bark and leaf litter’ German Club Mexico
1997 ‘Origin Organic’ Autonomous University
Mexico State
1998 ‘Ritual of the Earth’ Museo Universum, UNAM
1998 ‘Arteobjeto “collection 98. Alta Vista Gallery Pladi
2000 “Collection 2000? Executive Tower PEMEX
2001 “Return to Origin” Centro Cultural Tijuana
2001 “On-natural.” Seminario de Cultura Mexicana
2001 “Botany 450? Mining Palace UNAM
2004 “Between Heaven and Earth” Event’s opening
Torre Mayor
2006 “Leticia Vieyra. Recent Work. “The Real Alto.Bosque. Edo.De Mex.
2006 “Open Studio” Studio of the artist. Tepepan.
2007 “Africa-America” ??open space. San Antonio,
2007 “Pecan Festival Pecan Street. Tex Austin. USA
2008 “Adaptation Husk” Van Wouw Museum. University
Pretoria South Africa
2008 “Colors, Smells and Tastes Room 22. Centro Cultural Borges
Mexico’s “Buenos Aires. Argentina
2009 “Leticia Vieyra.Germinaciones” Seminar on Mexican culture.
2009 “Leticia Vieyra. Recent Work “Gallery Intermacional Airport
Benito Juarez, Mexico.
2010 “Chocolade op het spoor.” Mechelen. Belgium
2010 “The Tree. Fragments. “German Club Mexico


1989 ‘Expoconcierto’ German Club Mexico
1990 ‘Collective Annual’ German Club Mexico
1991 ‘On Painting the Object’ Esc Nac of Fine Arts, UNAM
1992 ‘Art Show “German Club Mexico
1993 ‘Angels’ IX Festival del Centro Historico San Carlos
1994 ‘The Sun and Moon Festival IX San Carlos Historical Center
1995 “Leaps and Ropes” Plastic Contemporary Galleries
1996 ‘Korima, Tarahumara’ TV Azteca, Telethon
1996 ‘La Mirada Exposed’ Casa del Poeta
1997 ‘International Week SECOFI
of Women ”
1997 “Modernity” XII Festival del Centro Histórico
1997 ‘Women Artists’ Christ Church
1998 ‘Women in Art’ ITESM Campus Edo. of Sci.
1998 ‘The City’ XIII Festival del Centro Histórico
1998 Biennial Nutrition Institute of Nutrition Salvador Zubirán Birth
1999 ‘Summer Solstice’ Gallery Pladi Altavista, Mex.
1999 ‘World Environment Day Government of Mexico City
Environment ‘
1999 ‘Apocalypse and Ubottomia’ XIV Festival del Centro Histórico City
1999 “Exhibition Gallery” Galerie 13 Weingasse, Germany
2000 “Think City” Public transportation system
2000 “Line Art” Biennial CONACULTA and the INBA
Traveling Siqueiros PolifórumCultural
One year on Rep. Mex.
2000 “Art Show” National Institute of Nutrition
200th “Exhibition of Paintings of the North” and CONACULTA INBA Biennial
Traveling for a year at the Rep. Mex.
2001 “The Secret of the Arcane” Gallery Ophelia Murrieta
2001 “The Secret of the Arcane” Gallery of the University Central
Autónoma Metropolitana.
2001 “Artistic Memories” the Sun German Club Hall of Mexico.
2001 “Mexico-Ireland” University College Cork. Ireland.
200 “Cultural Identity Palacio del Segundo Cabo. CUBA.
2001 “Defenders of our identity” Chapultepec Park. Naucalpan.
2002 “Masters of Art.” German Club of Mexico.
2002 “Fragile Nature” Universum Science Museum.
2002 “Tough and Technicians’ Gallery 3
2003 “Pedaling” art KO
2003 “Masters of Art” German Club of Mexico.
2003 “Without corn, no country” Museum of Popular Culture
2003 “Bottles to the Earth France, touring exhibition
2004 “The most beautiful flower of Ejido” Ecological Park, Xochimilco
2004 “Woman, Flower and Landscape” Legislature DDF
2004 “Bottles to the Earth” France. Traveling exhibition.
2005 “World Expo” Pavilion of Mexico. Aichi Expo
City of Nagoya. Japan
2008 “Bag Factoy” Artists’Studios Fordsburg Johannesburg
South Africa
2010 MEXICO: Second Festival of Arts. Navarro-Valdez Gallery. Valle de Bravo, Edo. Mexico.
2010 tridimension. POETIC than space. Navarro-Valdez Gallery. Valle de Bravo, Edo. Mexico.


1997 1st. Place. Annual Exhibition of Plastic Arts. German Club
Selected 1998. Biennial National Institute of Nutrition “Salvador
Zubirán ”
2000 Honorable Mention. Biennale Exhibition of Painting of the North ”
Selected 2000. Painting Biennial of the National Institute of Sciences
Medical and Nutrition Salvador Zubirán.
2000 2nd. Category B site in the biennial “Art Line”. CONACULTA


Organic sculpture, large-format “WEAVING FLAVORS” reaping the sun room in the University Museum of Science Universum, UNAM.
Large format sculpture “Mexican food” by harvesting the sun room in the University Museum Universum Science. UNAM.
Bas-painting, “all alive.” Casita de las Ciencias. University Museum Universum Science. UNAM.
Bas-relief sculptures and paintings, “PLANT AND STONE”, to the entrance hall of the German Club of Mexico.
Large format sculpture “HARVESTING THE SUN” for the room fibers Universum Science Museum. UNAM.
Large format sculpture “We are stardust,” to the day room of the museum universe University of science. Universum. UNAM.
Large format sculpture “GODDESS OF THE CORNFIELD” in The Memorial Museum, Aishi. Nagoya. Japan.
Intervention wall-painting. “Zarape”. Building high. Bosque Real. Huixquilucan. Edo. Mexico.
Large Format Sculpture “DOOR MEXICO” to CNPAMM.
Esculltura-assembly “BRANCHES.” Van Wouw Museum. University of Pretoria. South Africa.


1978-1981 has been a teacher at BA in the Faculty of Medicine, National Autonomous University of Mexico.
1999-2003 Member of the Board of Directors in the arts in private institution.
2000-2001 Artist in residence for one year in the Universum Science Museum. National Autonomous University of Mexico.
2001-2009 Member of the Board of Directors of the Mexican Federation of Arts and Culture for the sport.
2003 Publisher of children’s artist roster “What do kids think about … ..”
2004 Creative 30 giant puppets for the parade Civic Sport 20 November in Mexico City.
2003-2009 has made a number of facilities, environments and museum in museums and public spaces.
2007-2009 Artistic Director Eugenia Linens for the company. Texas. USA.
2008 Artist in Residence for 4 months in Bag Factory. Fordburg Artists’Studios. Johannesburg. South Africa.
He has given lectures, workshops and art workshops for students of Visual Arts in Mexico and abroad.
She has been invited as jury for various art competitions.