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Nora Adame celebrates 15 years career as an artist with her most recent production, combining the perfection of her style with the conceptual punctuality of the symbol and desire. In this reinterpretation of the birth of Venus, Adame invites for reflection on the different influences of art history imposed on women, fashion, canons of beauty and their dominance over the current roles of contemporary women.

Resume: Nora Adame

Nora Adame

Visual artist

Nora Adame was born in Tampico, Tamaulipas in 1970, she studied Fine Arts at the University of the Americas in Puebla more as a hobby than as an interest in doing it as her lifestyle .

She is famous for creating paintings through a process of recycling waste cloth and labels from large industries to transform them into true pieces of art, amazing Pop Art Lovers.

Her passion is inspired by other artists and their way of projecting what they feel. Nora tries not only to represent a creative idea but to make the consumer think about the way in which we sometimes make judgments or put labels on people without really knowing who they are .

Her works have been selected for national and international awards , such as the XI Rufino Tamayo Biennale at the Museum in Mexico City in 2002, the VI National Meeting of Contemporary Art in the City of Puebla in 2006 , where she participated and won an award with two of her works, the VIII National Meeting of Contemporary Art in the City of Puebla in 2008 and at the Fourth Biennial of Visual Arts Yucatán in 2009 , where she participated.

Nora has been a conference speaker at several mexican universities like the Universidad Iberoamericana in Puebla and the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey in Monterrey , NL, in 2002 and the Benemérita University of Puebla in 2007.

Based in the city of Puebla in 1991 ,she is currently working on promoting and launching Basbag , a new brand of bags, following the same line, made from recycled material and reused labels , all unique pieces designed by her.

– 2002 – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Monterrey , NL
– 2002 – ITESM , Campus Monterrey.
– 2002 – Cultural Center Gallery of Tamaulipas , Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.
– 2007 – University of the Americas Puebla, Puebla.
– 2008 – Department of Art and Design , Puebla, Puebla.
– 2009 – Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey , Campus Puebla.
– 2013 – Galerías del Palacio, Puebla, Puebla.

– 2004 – International Biennial of Florence, Italy.
– 2003 , 2004, 2005 – Tenth Independent Erotic Art Salon , Puebla, Puebla.
– 2006 – Contemporary Art Gallery of the State of Puebla.
– 2006 – Marva Art House , Puebla, Puebla.
– 2008 – Gallery Spacio Sero , Container City, Puebla, Puebla.
– 2008 – Palacio Municipal Department of the State of Puebla .
– 2009 – Visual Arts Center of Yucatan.
– 2010 – Ministry of Economy , Mexico , DF
– 2012 – Cortez American Award 2012 Cadiz , Cadiz, Spain .

– 2002 – selected in the XI Rufino Tamayo Museum Biennial of Mexico City Works.
– 2003 – Work selected in the Great Exhibition of Plastic Arts AGORA 2000-2003.
– 2006 – Selected and awarded in the VI National Meeting of Contemporary Art in Puebla City Works.
– 2008 – Selected in the eighth State Meeting of Contemporary Art in the City of Puebla Work.
– 2009 – Selected Works with honors in the Fourth National Biennial of Visual Arts Yucatán 2009.
– 2010, 2011 – Participation in the auction of the group of 16.
– 2011 – Mural for CRIT Telethon in the City of Puebla.
– 2012 – Honorable Mention Award at the Iberoamerican Cortez 2012 Cadiz , Spain.
– 2013 – Work selected in the 12th National Meeting of Contemporary Art in the City of Puebla.
– 2013 – Participation in the auction of the group of 16.