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Born in Mexico City, graduated in Art History; recently got a Masters Degree in Fine Arts. In the beginning she learned about painting and other plastic arts, from his father, the painter Oscar Velazquez; who lives in Austin, Texas.

Vania, was actively involved on paper art work, learning from several mexican artists in their workshops. In 1993, received an invitation to study at the “Lithography and Graphics Workshop”, from the Union of Artists, in St. Petersburg, Russia.

With several appearances in solo and collective exhibitions, we are proud to say that she is now a member of the NM Contemporary Gallery project.


Vania Velázquez


2007 “Otoño 2007″, Ligaya, Mexico City.


2008 “Lascher Prise”, Arbitrary Sample, The Serenísima, Mexico City.

2011 “Un árbol, una vida”, City Museum, Cuernavaca, Morelos.

2011 “ICE-SOLATION”. Eight series of photographic portrait and digital printed paintings. Condesa Blue, Mexico City.


2009 ILUSTRATIONS. Book: Palabras Migaja, from Jordi Mariscal, Mexico City.

2008 ILUSTRATIONS. Tales: Big Tree, Belly´s full of silliness y Bird´s Song, from Suesi Pomeda, Austin, Texas.


1997 OAK PUBLISHING/ Art Director, Mexico City.

1999 IBEROAMERICAN UNIVERSITY/ Art History Department, Subject Teacher (except on 2002 and 2006), Mexico City.

2006 IBEROAMERICAN UNIVERSITY/ First Art Conference. Master Class: “The eye and the hand in Waldorfs Pedagogy”. Mexico City.


1991 Arts Degree. Graduated from: Iberoamerican University. Mexico, City

1996 Fine Arts Academy. Graphic Department. Lithography and Graphics Workshop. Union of Artists. St Petersburg, Russia

1996 Mijael Michaelovich Workshop. Metal Graphic. St Petersburg, Russia

2008 Towards Waldorfs Teacher. Anthroposophical Development Center, Cuernavaca, Morelos.

2009 Pedagogy. Graduated. Ceneval, Mexico City.

2010 Master Degree. Education and Arts; Critical Aspects of Culture. Iberoamerican University. Mexico, City.