La Compañía by Daniel Lezama

La galería NM Contemporáneo, te invita a la inauguración de la exposiciónLa Compañia del artista Daniel Lezama, en el Museo Técnológico de Monterrey del centro histórico de Puebla, Puebla. Este proyecto consiste en la presentación de pinturas al óleo, de mediano y gran formato; pertenecientes … Read More

Fred Stonehouse

    NM Contemporáneo, presents the exhibition of the contemporary american artist Fred Stonehouse, in collaboration with Howard Scott Gallery in New York. A selection of acrylic paintings on wood, canvas and paper of middle-format; polymorphous, fantastic and delirious human … Read More

Pinta Countries – Mexico

  NM Contemporaneo will be representing Mexico at Pinta Countries with four Emerging Artists: Marela Zacarías, G.T Pellizzi, Minerva Ayón and Bruno Smith, who have been attached to Cuernavaca in some way through their lives and work. Marela Zacarías (Mexico … Read More

Fábulas del Pancracio y Otros Seres Raros

  NM Contemporáneo presents Fábulas del Pancracio y Otros Seres Raros by the artist Víctor Hugo Pérez; an exhibition about the reflection of the inner self in the course of everyday life (affections, dreams, desires, fears, drives), expressed through different … Read More

Orden y Caos by Francisco Valverde, 2018

NM Contemporáneo, presents Orden y Caos by Francisco Valverde; a series of chromatic pieces seen as sculptural pantings, in medium and large format. His work is characterized by the splurge of pigmented resins on suggestive and abstract backgrounds that contrast … Read More

Venus No Soy de Nora Adame 2018

NM Contemporaneos, presents Venus No Soy by Nora Adame; with portraits she asks us are we a body or do we have a body? Individual exhibition that shows her latest series entitled Venus No Soy with the curatorial advice of … Read More


For the project at the ZONA MACO New Proposals fair, NM Contemporáneo, exhibits the work of Minerva Ayón, Yanieb Fabre and Pablo Vigil; a multidisciplinary visual exhibition of three emerging artists who take over the exhibition space through the intervention, … Read More


NM Contemporaneo, presents Cisco Jiménez in ZONA MACO, a plastic artist whose work is somewhat controversial due to its provocative content. This project, called Radiograbadoras de Barro, took two years to complete, is a collaboration with Nahua artisan women from … Read More

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