Zona Maco Foto. 2017

Zona Maco Photo 2017 NM Contemporaneo gallery present the project in Zona Maco Photo (exhibition and sale of old and modern contemporary photography) by the artist Alberto Montaño with a sample of several pieces, presents images that refer us to … Read More

Quimera of Ray Smith. 2017

Ray Smith Artist with a career of more than 40 years that presents a peculiar reflection from the painting, believes in the skill and that has led him to discover and experiment with different plastic techniques used as a vehicle … Read More

Espacios del Color. 2017

  The NM Contemporaneo Gallery presents the exhibition Espacios del Color by the artist Adolphe Lechtenberg. His fabrics combine psychic, spiritual, environmental and physical effects, where color is released, and represents itself with the vibration and intensity that each one possesses. Pieces … Read More

The language of memory. 2016

NM Contemporaneo gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition The language of memory the american artist Fred Stonehouse. This exhibition is a collaboration with Howard Scott Gallery in New York. In this new group of paintings and works on … Read More

Bestiario. 2016

Bestiario exhibition of the artist Carlos Marin. An artist who evokes legendary creatures with animal and human attributes, virtues or perversions carriers, representatives of the duality of meanings or the complete opposite. naked bodies that reveal traces of clothing, in … Read More

¿A qué sabe el azul? 2016

NM Contemporaneo presents the exhibition  ¿A qué sabe el azul? Artist Alberto Montaño Mason. An artist who plays with the techniques, the vibration of colors and physical sensation of a journey within a prism that refracts different shades using a chromatic deconstruction.

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