El cuerpo como memoria. 2015

  The body as a memory, a territory with female sign presents a series of places that explores what we locked up, it needs to penetrate beneath open spaces to express emotional states that body manifests. The body as a … Read More

Estudios de Desnudo, 2015


Nude Studies, Daniel Lezama, presents a series of nudes as an analytical research exercise and join their depth study of the human figure and allow the painter to mentally transport bodies such scenarios more complex.1 1 Antonio Calera-Grobet

Alter Pop Explosion. 2015


Alter Pop Explosion showcases a series of works that lead to a combination of colors in different media, creating a glut of materials and using iconographic pop-culture references. These plastic qualities are reflected in each of the works. It show … Read More

Espacio Urbano. 2013


Espacio Urbano, Cuernavaca, Morelos. NM Contemporary Gallery presents the exhibition Espacio Urbano, an exhibition of art from the cityscape. The work of a diverse group of artists who have developed speeches and own means of expression from their way of … Read More

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