Árboles en la nada
Mixed media on canvas
100 x 140 cm

Niño y árbol
Mixed media on canvas
120 x 140 cm

Tres con pájaros
Mixed media on canvas
100 x 160 cm

Si yo fuera el II
Mixed media on canvas
100 X 130 cm

Mixed media on paper
60 X 80 cm

Parvada en Rojo
Mixed media on canvas
140 x 140 cm

David was born in Mexico City, amidst a humble and numerous family. Since childhood he has been reserved and he took refuge in a world of his own, full of magic and colors, which led him to develop the great creativity he now captures in his work. It is narrative work that embraces us with the colors of a vital symphony where surprise is around the corner. Sirens fly or float, singing, and while our s/lip is wrecking, we do not just listen to their song, but we also attend the fairs and all the popular plastic arts with which David fills us. For this creator, “art is the key to the world and it should be accessible to everybody, not just a specific sector. Also that “art should be enjoyable; that is why my pictorial language is easy to understand, because its sole purpose is to enchant the spectator by simply showing the innocent macrocosms in which everything is possible. Moreover, it is lucid because in some way we are still children.” David Correa, who has learned to express himself through his paintings, is slowly finding his place among the talents of his age. Up to this date, he has participated in more than 160 collective and individual exhibitions in México and the United States, Central and South America, Europe, and Japan.

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