170 x 40 x 12 cm
Painted Iron

Bajo la Mira
78 x 24 x 24 cm
Painted Iron

La ola
72 x 26 x 10 cm
Stainless Iron

85 x 20 x 14 cm

40 x 20 x 20 cm
Painted wood

Homenaje a Mérida
98 x 48 x 20 cm
Painted Iron

35 x 18 x 18 cm

60 x 50 x 115 cm

German Michel, since his youth, has taken a series of modules in his formation as a welder. Through time and his own clientele, he has been familiarizing himself with foreign works and examples: how do sculptors conceive and salve the creative processes from the sketch and the scale, to the final patina? How is it then that German Michel solves or proposes his own sculptures? On a first instance he chooses a geometric abstraction, which in its own way evokes nature. Emotionally, his need for order and harmony, without yielding to improvisation, nor the common place. Michel imposes on himself that the results correspond totally to the norms of a well-done manufacture (German is searching for his path). Historical convention defines sculpture as three–dimensional art. How is the theorem solved now in times of permissibility? “From Mazu’s reliefs as facts to the metal works of Chillida, there is a long way.