The Peace Maker

100 X 110 + 30 X 30 cm

Oil on canvas

Naturaleza Muerta con libros y Ford Skyliner ’57

120 X 120 cm

Oil and printed fabric on canvas

On the surfece of wallpaper with kistch paisley stamping not a s pot of moisture or glue, but one of Rubens’ fisherman and an japanese erotic stamping. The brush’s dream produces monsters and unusual encounters, especially when Quesnel’s humor unleashes relationships that scratch on the theater of the absurd, or at least, visual double-entendres, pure cunning genious. Anew I remember the great Leonardo, with his advice for the nobel artist, recommended to stimulate visual imagination, finding shapes in blots within the salitrous and mucky walls; Quesnel also laughs at this comment with his paper atmospheres or backgrounds.