Sepia tropical
60×70 cm.
Oil on canvas

La Opera
120 X 100 cm.
Oil on canvas

Mujer de vestido blanco
130 X 130 cm.
Oil on canvas

La Opera I
140 X 63 cm.
Oil on canvas

Born in Finland, Kirsty has lived in this country since 1978. Spending seasons between Zihuatanejo and Playa del Carmen. She made her first brush strokes when she was ~ years old, and as art director she made interesting commercials. Ten years ago, she decided to dedicate her life to painting. So she studied sculpture in Puerto Rico and painting in México City with maestro Manuel Guillén, who, for 7 years, taught her different techniques. It is interesting to know that each time Kirsty travels. She grasps scenes that she later captures in oil on canvas, her favorite technique. In her paintings she captures people’s everyday life. Frequently displaying fishermen, Latin women from the coast, banana groves, birds, etc. Mexican and Caribbean beaches inspire her work.