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La línea de lo posible
LA LÍNEA DE LO POSIBLE. Relief ceramic oxides and enamel, 239 x 48 cm.

Carlos Marin (Michoacan, Mexico 1959), his work is versatail and the search of his languages and the experimentation of different materials what characterizes it, but always returns to the ceramic material which is deeply identified. For Marín the mud is a material that allows him to gently shape the body and the bodies that interact to tell a story, a past that eats away and transformed into art.

The dress becomes the guise of humanized beast to represent earthy winged creatures, shaped bodies like fish and mermaids between turtles, birds, iguanas and snakes to follow each other, to connect and flow beside the metamorphosis of a female body as a tree that protects the birds, a dialogue of the human figure with turkeys, ducks, frogs, pigs, wild boar and ox heads; forming a bestiary.

Carlos Marin is an artist who was born in Uruapan Michoacan, Mexico in 1959. He belongs to one of the most representative families of mexican contemporary artists. Studied Graphic Design at the Academy of San Carlos in the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México UNAM. Became a designer for many years without ever leaving the sculpture and drawing, until in 2000 decided to pursue art professionally; Since then he has explored plastically around the human body, as he rightly says: it is their language.
During the past 27 years Carlos Marin has lived in Cuernavaca and all his professional production has been held in this city since 2000.

Curriculum Vitae

Carlos Marin has developed a proposal essentially around the sculpture , relief, drawing and graphics,his materials are mainly ceramics , oxides and pen. He is professionally engaged in the visual arts since 1995

Solo Exhibitions (selection)

2015 COSA DE GRAVEDAD. Wall sculpture, Oscar Roman Gallery. Mexico, D.F.
2015 INVENTARIO. Sculpture and relief, Sisal Galery. San Miguel de Allende. Guanajuato.
2014 VOCES. Sculpture and relief,Oscar Roman Gallery. México, D. F.
2013 TRES TIEMPOS. Sculpture and relief, A theater, Espacio Cultural. A.C. México D.F.
2012 CORTEZAS. Sculpture and relief, X espacio de arte. México, D.F.
2010 TERRITORIOS DE PREGUNTAS. Sculpture, Instituto Mexiquense de cultura, Casa Isidro Fabela
San Ángel, México, D.F.
2009 TERRITORIO DE PREGUNTAS. Sculpture and painting, Querétaro Museum of Arts. Querétaro, Qro.
2007 CUERPOS DES HABITADOS, Sculpture and painting, Cultural space Jardín Borda, Cuernavaca Morelos.

Group exhibitions (selection)
2011 OBRAS DE LA GALERÍA. Bronze Sculpture, Patricia Mendoza Gallery. San Jose de Los Cabos B.C.S.
2011 GUADALUPE MADRE TIERRA FOUNDATION, Relief ceramic, Jardín Borda. Cuernavaca, Mor.
2011 RAYUELA FOUNDATION EXHIBITION AND AUCTION, Sculptures, Auction Lopez Morton. Cuernavaca Mor.
2010 PERMANENT EXHIBITION ALBERTO Mizrachi, sculpture and painting, Alberto Mizrachi Gallery, Mexico DF
2009 CERAMICA LATINOAMERICANA, Sculpture Figarelli Galleries. Scottsdale Arizona USA.
2008 LA DIVERSIDAD DE LA IMAGINACIÓN, Sculpture UNAM Institute of Ecology
2008 AUCTION 08 Contemporany Latin American Art Sculpture momaa Museum of Latin American Arts.
Palm Beach, L.A. USA
2006 EL CUERPO, MORADA DEL ALMA painting. Monterrey Metropolitan Museum
2005 LOS JARDINES DEL DESEO painting. Metropolitan Museum of Monterrey
2005 ENCUENTROS, Sculpture. Fomento Cultural Banamex

First place
II Bienal de Escultura en pequeño formato de Morelos
Cuernavaca, Morelos, July 2008
Advisory. Youth Fellowship creators of FOECA 2007 “Enfoque contemporáneo del dibujo con Línea dinámica” of Vicente Calleja.
Advisory. Youth Fellowship 2005 FOECA creators of ” Construcción familiar ” Paola Esquivel Silva.
Development of commemorative coin stamp for Justice for the Law Institute, UNAM , 2004 .
First place. V Bienal de Artes plásticas Paso del norte 2004
Cd . Juarez , Chihuahua , August, 2004