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Self-taught artist, she works sculpture, painting and collage, from symbolic themes to abstract landscapes.
Cano is actually working with sculptural panels, connecting her collage work and her big composition painting through steel sheets, creating new compositions and textures.


Elisa Cano

Self-taught artist of international status.

She lived in Mexico City in Popotla, there were old houses wich greatly influenced her work.
In 1976 she arrives to Cuernavaca where she teaches painting and starts a school of drawing techniques, linocut, woodcut, tempera , oil painting and silkscreen workshop design and composition.

Among her many works highlights the 1886 series, consisting of various themes from vases with flowers, Popotla´s houses, portraits, Cozumel´s women (affectionately called fat of Cozumel), landscapes and abstract painting. The techniques are mainly paper collage, collage on canvas, oil painting, sculpture in marble, leather sculpture among other media.

Her environment has been a great inspiration for creating her art works and teaching. From the old houses, zoos, the Cozumel island and of course museums in the United States, Canada, France, Spain and Mexico. Gaining greater sensitivity from pieces of art history.

She currently lives in Cuernavaca creating a new sculptural series made of steel panels .