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Cesar López Negrete’s (CDMX, 1973) photographs that compose Stones, document the sculptures realized in a period of eighteen months and are the result of simple creative acts about a place, and a time. It’s the practice of living here and now. Most of the images were captured by César López-Negrete on tours around the landscape in which he belongs since his childhood: the basins of the Rio Grande and Rio Colotepec, in Oaxaca.

Similarly, López-Negrete represents in his images of colorful seas, the limit of the earth, the time when the wave reaches the shore and lasts only an instant. His works, presented in a large format, allow the viewer an open and quiet contemplation of the image.


Cesar López-Negrete
(n.1973 Mexico, DF)

Works in a range of disciplines and media including sculpture, photography, landscaping and ecological restoration, industrial design and architecture. Much of his work involves collaboration with other individuals and other disciplines and specific projects in the context in which they are carried out.