Fred Stonehouse

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  NM Contemporáneo, presents the exhibition of the contemporary american artist Fred Stonehouse, in collaboration with Howard Scott Gallery in New York. A selection of acrylic paintings on wood, canvas and paper of middle-format; polymorphous, fantastic and delirious human figurations … Read More

NM22: Víctor Hugo Pérez

Fábulas del Pancracio y Otros Seres Raros    NM Contemporáneo presents Fábulas del Pancracio y Otros Seres Raros by the artist Víctor Hugo Pérez; an exhibition about the reflection of the inner self in the course of everyday life (affections, … Read More

Pinta Countries – Mexico

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  NM Contemporaneo will be representing Mexico at Pinta Countries with four Emerging Artists: Marela Zacarías, G.T Pellizzi, Minerva Ayón and Bruno Smith, who have been attached to Cuernavaca in some way through their lives and work. Marela Zacarías (Mexico … Read More

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