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Adolphe Lechtenberg is a german painter and draftsman, born in Gelsenkirchen, 1952. In 1973 he entered the State Academy of Arts in Düsseldorf, where he was a student of Joseph Beuys from 1974 to 1977. In this same institution, he also studied with the masters Fritz Schwegler, 1973/74 , And Erwin Heerich, from 1978 to 1981, acquiring the degree of license of visual arts in 1978.

Since 2006 he has made several residences in Mexico. In 2012 he received a six-month scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico. His work is part of 18 private collections and museums around the world. Their proposals start from the emanation of color that generate a chromatic and emotional space that defines the real space.

Currículum Vitae

Individual exhibitions (selection)

1984 Planetenwanderung in the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf.

1985 Bleiben / Gehen, in the Mönchehaus Museum of Modern Art / Goslar and exhibition space of the Arts Association in Oerlinghausen.

1987 Oberhausen Municipal Gallery.

1998/99 Crossing points, Satellites, Escondites, TZR-Galerie Bochum.

2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 at the Alfred Boettger Gallery in Bonn.

2016 PIEL-COLOR-MURAL-ESPACIO at FoO R-38, Mexico City; Space for Art Graf-Bicher, Frechen and KSI Bad Honnef.

Group exhibitions (selection)

1982 (0211), Düsseldorf Museum of Fine Arts.

1986 Ein Ort – Fünf Wege, Faux Mouvement Art Center, Metz / France.

1989 BonAngeles, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Los Angeles / USA.

1992 Rotation, Museum of Fine Arts Santander / Spain and Forum Ludwig Aachen / Germany.

1994 Archeology of the Spirit, Gallery L (Sala Talia), Havanna / Kuba.

1996 Dialogues, Kemal Atatürk Cultural Center, Istanbul / Turkey.

2010 In the tensional field of the expanded concept of art – people of Gelsenkirchen around Joseph Beuys, City Center of Gelsenkirchen.

2013 Mex. De. 13 – Mexico-Germany Meeting, Alfred Boettger Gallery, Bonn; Sensitive Matter; Carrillo Gil Art Museum, Graphic Office; Mexico DF.

2015 Mysteries, Gelsenkirchen Museum of Art; Plastic and Feelings, Galerie 23 # Stevermüer, Velbert-Langenberg.