Espacio Urbano. 2013


Espacio Urbano, Cuernavaca, Morelos.

NM Contemporary Gallery presents the exhibition Espacio Urbano, an exhibition of art from the cityscape. The work of a diverse group of artists who have developed speeches and own means of expression from their way of life is exposed. This new self-beautification of contemporary art, addresses issues of politics, society and philosophy.

The artists participating in this project are Maite Agahnia, Andrés Amaya, Cecilia Barreto, Valerie Campos, Kenia Cano, Yanieb Fabré, Rodrigo Gaf, Guadalupe García, Gabriel Garcilazo, Cisco Jiménez, Armando Romero, Ivan Salamanca, David Sánchez y Ángel Valtierra.

Urban art sets the parameters for a more direct communication with the public, proximity, in this sample, is achieved in both artists come in contact with the social codes in an effort to rethink their culture.




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