Miriam Medrez

Ying Yang. Canvas and thread. 90 x 96 x 30 cm
Ying Yang
Canvas and thread
90 x 96 x 30 cm
Media luna. Canvas and thread. 52 x 31 x 62 cm
Media luna
Canvas and thread
52 x 31 x 62 cm
Erizo. Canvas and thread. 60 x 60 x 39 cm
Canvas and thread
60 x 60 x 39 cm
Semilla. Canvas and thread. 139 x 139 x 44 cm
Canvas and thread
139 x 139 x 44 cm

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As other women from the last decades, Miriam Medrez has written over her body, she has had to invent and re-invent herself to embrace herself as one, without requiring subversion or direct confrontation nor, on the other hand, ending up in essentialism. Se represents herself apart from the symbolic, patriarchal order, creating her own means of representation.

She moves from the subtlety and passivity to an aggressive confrontation. This work pairs her up with artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Kiki Smith, Eva Hesse or Judy Chicago to whom the necessity of exploring their identity and intimacy drives them to the use of a metaphorical iconology of the female body managing to generate alternative representations to those that by norm had been assigned to the female body, showing the experience of being body.