Alfredo Gisholt

El Aquelarre
Oil on canvas
183 X 214 cm
Silbo de Gigantes
Oil on canvas
214 X 245 cm
Oil on canvas
214 X 183 cm
Barrancos de escaleras III
Oil on canvas
120 X 150 cm

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In this show the artist visualizes a reality of Mexico painted from a distant place through a re-signification of western painting symbols, creating a particular fiction. In the midst of the twenty-first century, Gisholt evokes historic references with his paintings: he remembers Goya by painting the same themes, he inserts the light bulb from Picasso’s Guernica using it as a symbol of the symbol. By these means, Gisholt activates the viewer’s memory, causing a fantasy. Although his work draws inspiration from Mexico’s reality, his pictorial language is not folkloristic; he re-signifies each symbol into a new context to visualize a human reality that he finds in his country. His vision is anything but conservative. He uses painting to question the limits of painting itself. He summons its possibilities; extending his realm of expression, with clustered compositions, with strident and tropical colors next to grey and urban hues, with re-interpreted topics and symbols, with contrasting pictorial trends within the same work.