Leticia Vieyra

Leticia Vieyra
A punto de germinar
Amate paper, fire and wood
230 x 80 x 80 cm
Leticia Vieyra
La Flecha
Bamboo, amate paper, fire, wind
150 x 35 cm diam.
Leticia Vieyra
Cactus skeleton, metal, semiglass
220 X 40 X 40 cm
Leticia Vieyra
Mixed media sculpture
Three pieces.
210 X 140 X 40 cms
Leticia Vieyra
Para volar
Amate paper, cactus skeleton, semiglass, ashes
Ensamblaje de 800 piezas. 110 X 90 X 35 cm

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She makes her work with natural materials collected from different places that show the effects of the pass of time: sheets about to disintegrate, parts of trees, dried branches, roots, seeds… She intervenes them subtly highlighting its organic texture, its fragility or strength, its simplicity or complexity; she assembles them with fabricated materials such as paper, metals and resins, placing the resulting work on the limit between found art and created object. Her work stems from a methodic, affective admiration of nature from which she extracts an aesthetic sense. Besides being an artist, she has a medical formation that follows into an assessment of biological processes and the knowledge of human intervention in them. So her work is also presented as an aesthetic meditation on “the organic” and its most immediate connotations: life, nature, harmony, performance. Through compositions, installations, prints and assemblages, the artist builds “hybrid objects” where a complex play of duality takes place: plastic and vegetable, cultural and natural, ephemeral and perennial. In words of the artist: “I think the action of creating art pieces with them transforms these materials apparently insignificant into pieces for contemplation and integrates into a single work of art the principle of life: destruction and rebirth.”

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