Radiograbadoras de Barro, Cisco Jiménez 2018


This project took two years, is a collaboration with Nahuas artisan women from the regions of San Agustín Oapan in the state of Guerrero and the town of Cuentepec in the state of Morelos. It resignifies the craft processes and creates a dialogue between the contemporary art statement and the production, distribution and sale of popular art in these regions. The mud crafts these populations produce have been threatened due to the migration to the United States and the big cities of Mexico, also due to the little importance and market for the popular art of the indigenous populations and the abandonment of the countryside. By choosing the radio-recorder as a symbol and an icon between both contexts, it is possible to create a bridge of reciprocity; Although this device is already obsolete, it has a great life in the unconscious and the collective nostalgia of the cities, in the countryside it was the desired object and one of the first things sent by the peasants who went illegally to the United States.




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